Formulated by Vermonters, for Passionate Growers

     Good Stuff is proud to introduce the recent addition of “Good Stuff Grow!” Good Stuff Grow is a proprietary line of Organic Cannabis Fertilizers that have been engineered by Vermont Cannabis Growers to produce the best possible results for your crop. Each Good Stuff Store is now equipped with all the basic necessities to get your grow operation started including grow tents, LED lights, fans, ph testing, nutrients, and other necessities.

grow equipment

     The Good Stuff Grow Fertilizers include “Bud Breakfast” your complete seed to harvest nutrient, “Outrageous Bud Bro” a vegetative transition to flower nutrient, “Root Muscle” a root, soil, and trichome enhancer, and “Mermaid Mend” a transplant/cloning shock eliminator. Available in home and commercial packaging for added savings. Click our logo below to see what the growth is all about! Fertilizers can be purchased at any Good Stuff Variety Store or shipped directly to you when ordered through our website. For more info on these nutrients, visit our website at